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Clancy Catholic College | Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Clancy Catholic College passionately believes in the importance of the pastoral care of students. There are many reasons for the skills of wellbeing to be taught explicitly in school. Much evidence exists to suggest that the competencies to increase resilience, positivity, engagement and meaning can be successfully taught to students and achieve meaningful outcomes. It can play a crucial preventative role in reducing depression, anxiety and stress within the school environment.

What is the Clancy Program?

Teachers work together to ensure all students are in an environment where they feel safe, secure and loved. Weekly Pastoral Care lessons tackle issues such as self-image, cyber safety, resilience, being good people and community building. The program aims to:

  • Foster a sense of belonging for each child
  • Actively promote acceptance of the individual and individual differences
  • Encourage responsibility
  • Includes a Peer Support Training Program where Year 10 students assist Year 7 students making the transition to secondary school education
  • Incorporate a vertically grouped House System so that students benefit from the interaction of working together across cohorts while fostering links to their House Patron and College values during their time at the College

Topics covered in each year group revolve around:

  • Year 7 – Transitioning into High School, Relationships, Study Skills, Mac Boot camp
  • Year 8 – Bullying, Resilience, Exam Preparation, Cyber safety, Wellbeing
  • Year 9 – Relationships, Body Image, Resilience, Resume Building, Wellbeing
  • Year 10 – Being a Good Man, Body Image, Career Guidance, Wellbeing
  • Year 11 – Senior School Transition, Career Guidance, Study Organisation, Wellbeing
  • Year 12 –  GROW Program, Make My HSC Year Count, Life After School, Study Routines
As part of Clancy’s ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of our students and community, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg was recently invited to the College to speak on Wellbeing, fostering Resilience and promoting positive psychology and relationships with young people. The slides from his presentation are available for download below.

Parent Information Session Presentation Download

House System

The six Houses at the College are named after significant men and women. Two House Captains are responsible for each of the Houses (Chisholm, Teresa, MacKillop, Ozanam, Luther King and John Paul II). As well as the annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, House Captains encourage their fellow students to positively contribute to all aspects of College life. Each of the six Houses constitutes the primary group for sporting and cultural activities as well as providing a student focus for pastoral care and student welfare programs.

The Cardinal Clancy Cup is awarded annually to the House whose members have contributed significantly to the many areas of the College.

In fostering House identity and spirit it is hoped that this lead to students:

  • making increased positive contributions to the College’s spirit and tone.
  • leading participation in the academic programs as well as the wide range of activities, both within and outside the school.
  • achieving their potential
  • fostering leadership through active delegation of responsibility within the House
  • Making a difference in their local, national and global communities through the College’s social justice intiatives

Student Leadership

At Clancy Catholic College, student leadership is a about service to others. There are many aspects to student leadership:

  1. The Senior Students Leaders (College Captains, Leaders of Catholic Life, Learning and Co-Curricular, House Captains)
  2. The SRC (Year Leaders, Class Leaders)
  3. The House System
  4. The Mentoring Program – Peer Support, Transition & Pastoral Care