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Clancy Catholic College | Social Justice

Social Justice at Clancy

Clancy is an authentically Catholic community in that students are encouraged to be the face and hands of Christ through acting to make a difference in our world. This year, each Year Group is involved in key initiatives that aim to assist those in our local community.

Year 7 and 8 initiative: Vinnies Night Patrol- Toiletry Pack Donations

St Vincent de Paul provides significant support for those sleeping rough and the homeless within our local and wider community. Year 7 and 8 students, with the support of their Pastoral teachers, created much needed toiletry packs for the homeless in our local community. These packs provide practical assistance to those who access St Vinnies Night Patrol services and help to provide a sense of community and compassion to those in need.

Year 9 Initiative- House of Welcome Foodbank:

Year 9 students have been working on improving the lives of refugees in our community by assisting the House of Welcome Refugee organisation. Students learnt about the plight of refugees and the struggle many new arrivals face once they have been accepted into Australia. Year 9 students donated food items that will help stock the House of Welcome Foodbank which is used to provide much needed basics for newly settled refugees.

Year 10 Initiative- SPARK:

During Term Two, Year Ten students took part in the St Vincent de Paul SPARK program. This program involved Clancy students spending every Thursday afternoon at Liverpool West Public School where they tutored newly arrived refugee students, assisting them with literacy, numeracy and homework activities. The program ended with a fun afternoon where Clancy students were involved in playing games and celebrating the achievements of the primary students.

Year 11 Initiative: Scalabrini Nursing Home Visits

Year 11 students have taken part in a community outreach program focusing on the elderly in our local community. Students travel to Scalabrini Nursing Home in Austral, to spend the afternoon learning about aged care and entertaining and chatting to the residents. The Year 11 students have demonstrated the idea of Faith in Action as they bring great joy to residents, chatting about the past over a game of cards or a board game. Students have shown exceptional maturity and compassion as they assist those the elderly in our community.

Year 12 Initiative: St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol- Sandwich Roster

The Clancy community provides substantial resources and support to Vinnies throughout the year, such as assisting with Night Patrol initiatives. This year students in Year 12, with the support of their Pastoral teachers, will make and pack sandwiches on a monthly basis for the homeless in our local community. It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to contribute to the local community and make a difference to the lives of so many people.

Winter Stay Out:

The annual Clancy Winter Stay Out was held on Thursday 22nd June, with a record number of attendees; 130 students spent the evening out in the cold. This year’s theme was Together We Can Do Heroic Things and the students learnt about the Clancy story. Students discovered Clancy’s history of helping the homeless in our local community, hearing a number of personal experiences from Clancy staff members. Students raised much needed funds for St Vincent de Paul and donated over 150 items of clothing and blankets that will be given directly to the homeless in our local community.