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Clancy Catholic College | Principal’s Voice

Principal’s Voice

Clancy Catholic College is inspired by our motto To Love Like Christ. We are committed to providing a quality Catholic education for all our students; we believe that every student has the right to reach his or her academic potential.

Our Principles of Teaching and Learning is centred on equipping our students to make a success of their lives. Learning therefore has to be student centred, has to be authentic and focused on lifelong learning, must insist of high standards and excellence, and we must be confident that we know all of our students and their needs.

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                  Clancy Catholic College is a Newman accredited school for gifted education and is an Apple Distinguished School for Innovation, Leadership and Educational Excellence. We teach in state of the art facilities and flexible working spaces, providing our teachers
                  and students with choice and the opportunity to develop in a fast-paced, technology rich world.

                  I am very proud to be Principal of such a committed and dynamic community and even more so, in 2016 when we celebrate our
                  ten-year anniversary. We will continue to be a forward-looking community, positive and enriched by our faith and our people.