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Debating Report



Clancy students enjoyed an outstanding 2016 Debating season, going from strength to strength. Not only have our teams enjoyed greater success this year in the competition – with two Grand Final Winners – but we also had a record number of students involved.

The success of our teams truly is a testament of their tenacious spirit and energy, commitment and support of one another this year. Each Tuesday afternoon the students worked together, across year groups, to research current events and refine skills. They watched and coached one another, and within teams allocated roles effectively.

At the end of seven rounds, five of our ten teams were placed in the top four. Our Senior A team had an outstanding season, reaching the elimination rounds as equal second on the board. They were narrowly defeated in a split decision and fell just shy of reaching the Grand Final. They are to be commended for such success in the face of an extremely demanding assessment period – they are excellent debaters. The Year 8A and 9A teams were both successful in the elimination rounds, meaning that three teams made it to the Grand Final. Year 8 won their final against Good Samaritan, and for the first time were Grand Final Winners. In an unprecedented Clancy vs Clancy Grand Final, our 9A and 9B teams came head to head. Both these teams have exceptional debaters who have worked tirelessly this year to refine their refutation in particular and develop rigorous and comprehensive cases. Their final debate was testament to this, with the panel of adjudicators highlighting the quality of their arguments and counter-arguments as being so equally matched. Both teams were encouraged by a room full of proud, supportive Clancy parents and staff and the atmosphere was pretty special. The 9A team are to be congratulated for their win, reclaiming their Year 7 title as SWCCDA Winners.

They were also generously supported by a number of students who helped with debating on Friday afternoons with set up, time-keeping and chairing – and we are grateful for their willingness to assist.

Our thanks to the coaches and adjudicators this year, staff who have given up much of their time and wisdom this season. To Mr Boggs, Mrs Sammut, Ms Denis and Ms Brame for each coaching the teams, and Ms Nicholls, Ms Gant, and Mr Scicluna who stepped in to adjudicate – we are very grateful.

The teams are listed below – we are so very proud of them all. Congratulations!

Ms Alix Stirling and Ms Eleonora Agazzi
Debating Coordinators



Year 7

Team A

  • Poppi Fitzjohn
  • Vienna Mazzetti
  • Monique Frasca

Team B

  • James Papic
  • Antonio Giusti
  • Marco Cordi

Year 8

Team A

  • Isabel El Azzi
  • Neola Funes
  • Jade Luke

Team B

  • Sarah Dewsbury
  • Raine Dela Cruz
  • Thomas Vlatko
  • Raphael Querubin

Year 9

Team A

  • Kayley Melham
  • Jenna Farhan
  • Phillip Gigliotti
  • Chelsea Du Perrone

Team B

  • Annabella Lombardo
  • Jaosn Dingli
  • Jennifer Azzi

Year 10

Team A

  • Krishneel Singh
  • Tristan Dela Cruz
  • Sarah-Jane Nyul

Team B

  • Isra Coppola
  • Perla Akram
  • Marcelin Querubin

Year 11

Senior A

  • Olimpia Stambe
  • Veronica Casha
  • Caitlin Brown
  • Aimee Manicaro

Senior B

  • Sebastian Rubens
  • Nicola Chand
  • Monique Alilovic
  • Chris Jonsson
  • Anthony Bruno
  • Kyle Robbins
  • Nadia Acitelli
  • Giselle Pineda